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1966 Apollo 5000 GT

Apollo 5000 GT

Did you ever see one in person? Or even heard about it?
“Americas most overlooked collector car” says Keith Martin, founder and publisher of Sportscar Magazine and perhaps Americas most prominent authority on collector car values.

A very rare automobile with just 77 Coupes and 11 convertibles ever being built. The Apollo GT was conceived by US businessmen Milt Brown and Newton Davis in the early 60’s. The idea was to couple Italian sportscar design with a reliable American driveline and V8 power, much like the concepts of Iso Grifo and De Tomaso. With the help of Intermeccanica, an Italian chassis builder, the car was based on a design by Ron Plescia and Franco Scaglione (the later also designed the BAT Alfas).

Created was a stunningly beautiful sportscar with a powerful Buick V8 and a Borg Warner 4 speed transmission. Due to financial problems, the Apollo project stranded in 1966 and some cars already built were renamed Vetta Ventura with a new investors coming in.

The car on offer here (VIN 1053) is actually a later car, a Vetta Ventura and is in very fine condition. One respray about 10 years ago and a totally redone interior give the car a gorgeous visual appearance. With history in the dry southwest of the US, rust is no issue on this beautiful sportscar.
The 5 liter V8 makes wonderful music and has easy play with the 2420lbs lightweight.
Top speed about 150mph.

Registered at the Milestone Car Society since 1979, these cars are true collector items and currently still much undervalued. An excellent opportunity for every sportscar collection!



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