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2shores International, Inc. is headquartered in the USA and has an office in Northern California.


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Dear Fellow Car Enthusiast:
Welcome to 2shores International!

2shores International was founded in Germany in 2006, purely out of passion for the classic automobile. Our profound knowledge of the international collector car markets brings sellers and buyers of collectable, classic automobiles together! Worldwide! The idea took root in the early 1990's in Modesto, California.
From those humble beginnings we continusly grew our company and have helped countless car enthusiasts buying or selling collector cars on a worldwide stage.
We believe, that between the United States and Europe, the excitement, knowledge and passion for the collector car is worth sharing. Since 2008, our company is headquartered in the USA.

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Happy motoring!

Jurgen Rott

Our Philosophy

How it all began and why we do what we do

According to reliable sources (my mom) the first words coming out of my mouth were "Au-Au-Au", every time my Dad pulled into the driveway with his ‘62 DKW Junior. That of course meant "Auto", it was 1962 in Germany and a life- long fascination with the automobile began right there, standing 2½ feet tall.

At the age of 5, I would run to every car parked along the way to see how fast it could go by examining the speedometer, checking single or dual exhausts and explaining to Mom or Dad what model it was and why we needed to have one like that.

I was very lucky too, as a relative in our family owned and operated a number of gas stations and garages nearby and was himself an avid car person. Not only did I "manage" a gas station after school at the age of 11, I was also closely exposed to fabulous cars such as a Lamborghini Jarama, a 454 Coke bottle Corvette, a  Porsche Carrera RS and many more super cars of that time. As one can imagine, you did not often see cars like that in early 1970's Germany and the impression on me is lasting a lifetime.

Cars have always played a very important and special role in my life and the passion never left. From hot-rodding period typical German sport sedans like the BMW 2002 and Opel Kadett Rallye, my interests went to classic US cars of the 50's and 60's and on to other fine European automobiles.

I bought my first “Collector Car” in 1989, a 1955 1/2ton Chevy truck, and executed my first complete restoration project to win first prizes in German US Car meets and even made a Magazine Cover.

Gaining experience around the world

As a young man in the early 1990's, I got professionally involved with the classic and collector car industry. My wife and I moved from Germany to California and I started my own company in Modesto, CA. I helped my international client's finding their cars of their dreams and we layed the ground work for what is 2shores International today.

And today?

Today, our company has expanded, first to the Midwest and then on to California. Our clients are everywhere in the world and so are the cars. The collector car market has become a very sophisticated industry and 2shores is perfectly set up to serve our clients in this global market  by working on both sides of the big pond, working on 2shores!

Our mission:
To share the passion for classic automobiles with like-minded collectors worldwide.

Our philosophy:
Experience, Integrity and Passion

2shores on National German TV

In the fall of 2021, we had the opportunity to share a 7-minute glimpse into our American life
as "Germans living abroad". German National Public TV ZDF hired the most
talented industry pro's - Marion Renk-Rosenthal, and camera pro Martin Ehleben;
to follow us for a day and a half. With a terrific upbringing in Germany, the
USA has been so good to us and we are inspired by the people of this country, to
give it our very best, every single day.

Jurgen Rott







2shores International, Inc.
Office California
11856 Conestoga Drive
Grass Valley, CA 95949

PH: +1.530.268.4737

E-Mail: jr@2shores.com

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